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2022  Saks Fifth Gallery, Eighteen Collective Black History Month Exhibition, Indianapolis, IN

2022  St. Luke UMC Gallery, 2Waves, 1Vibe, Indianapolis, IN

2022  Meet the Artist XXXIV, Indianapolis, IN

2021  Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition,  

          Chicago, IL

2021  Women of Color Exhibition, Indianapolis, IN 

2021  18 Piece Ensemble Optical Orchastra, A Visual Symphony, Indianapolis, IN

2021  Indianapolis Art Center, IVII: 365+ , Indianapolis, IN

2021  GangGang Presents : BUTTER, Indianapolis, IN 

2020  Indianapolis Art Center, IVII, Indianapolis, IN

2020  Art and Vinyl, Indianapolis, IN

2019  Raw: Natural Born Artists Presents IMPACT, Indianapolis, IN


2021 Public Art Commission: Swish Indy, Soaring Possibilities, Photographic mural, Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN

2021 Public Art Commission: BUTTER, mixed media mural, Stutz Building, Indianapolis, IN 

2021 Public Art Commission: Gordan’s Milkshake, Black Joy, mixed media mural, Indianapolis,  IN 

2021 Public Art Commission: US Soccer Foundation, Oscar Charleston Court Mural,  Indianapolis, IN 

2021 Corporate Art Commission, REV, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Indianapolis, IN

2021 Public Art Commission, Clay Terrace Shopping Mall, God’s Hand, mixed media mural,  Carmel, IN

2020 Public Art Commission, Black Lives Matter, mixed media street mural, Indianapolis, IN

2020 Public Art Commission, US Soccer Foundation, Arsenal Technical High School Soccer Court Mural, Indianapolis, IN

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